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  • jeff (Sunday, April 29 18 08:34 pm BST)

    great RS tutorial!! Because of you, I have a small chance of passing my final exam next week!

  • Hasnat (Friday, June 30 17 03:38 pm BST)

    Your Reed Solomon Tutorial is perfectly built. The tutorial reveals your clarity of thought.

  • Patrick Schöpfer (Wednesday, December 21 16 07:16 am GMT)

    Thank you 100000000 Times for your "Using Ostinato" file. Is there a possability that you are going to continue it? Because there is a Title "Verifying Packet Content" but no content.

    Anyway. You helped a lot, thanks

  • JC Engelbrecht (Saturday, November 26 16 02:28 am GMT)

    Thank you for the Reed-Solomon tutorial, I was finally able to understand the concept after looking for a simple explanation for a long time. Is there any possibility of including the RS[255,233] in some future version ? All the best !

  • William Morgan-Darko (Monday, November 07 16 08:24 pm GMT)

    I read your explanation of Reed Solomon coding.

    It really helped me a lot. I am working on an implementation of erasure coding in java, basing all my algorithms on the explanations from your article.

    Thank you.

  • Minh, Phan Ngoc (Tuesday, April 05 16 10:46 am BST)

    Dear sir,
    I would like to have your documents (Design, Training, RFP samples) for my own studying materials and training to my staff

    Phan Ngoc Minh

  • Sun Chong Hong (Thursday, October 15 15 02:37 pm BST)

    Hi, Your GPON RF Budget Calculation is exactly what I need. Thank you!

  • Rabbani (Wednesday, May 06 15 09:32 am BST)

    Best example of an explanation of Reed solomon codes!


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